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List of 33 Ayurvedic Herbs, Plants and Their Uses

Herbs are the miracles in the Ayurveda. These herbs have numerous medicinal and health benefits. These herbs are time tested for their health and other benefits. Herbs are generally known as medicinal plants used in treating and curing ailments and enhancing the wellbeing vigor vitality beauty and health of a person. Importance of herbs can be understood by knowing them properly. During my visit to Mughal garden, I saw these important herbs in the herbal garden of President. The list is endless for herbs but we are discussing these miracle and magical herbs here in short which are loved by all our presidents and about which we will talk in detail later in my blog.


           Tulsi also called Holy Basil one of the most sacred plants in India. Tulsi is called Queen of herbs due to it medicinal, restorative, spiritual properties. Its botanical name is Ocimum sanctum or Ocimum tenuiflorum. This aromatic perennial plant belongs to family Laminaine. This adaptogenic plant promotes youth and long life. Telsi is beneficial for health in case of common cold, inflammation, fever, relieves stress, sore throat and in many more diseases.

2.Damask Rose:

Botanical name of the damask rose is Rosa damascena. Damask rose is often referred to as the queen of roses because of its anti-aging and antiseptic properties.

Damask Rose


Ashwagandha scientific name is Withania somnifera and other common names are Indian Ginseng and winter cherry. Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years in India as a rejuvenating herb. and now it has become most powerful herb in the western world. This traditional herb is known to provide energy and strength to body apart from healing a number of diseases


4.Aloe vera or Ghritkumari:

Aloe vera is also known as Ghritkumari and is called a miracle plant.this is a medicinal plant and does wonders for the body. Its benefit is well known and that’s why this plant mostly in households in India.

Aloe vera

5. Giloy:

Giloy is known as the queen of herbs and nectar of god Indra. Giloy has known Amrita means the root of immortality because of its abundant health benefits. The stem of Giloy offers maximum utility but roots can be used for health benefits. This treats Arthritis, diabetes and treats chronic fever.


6. Akarkara:

Akarkara is used for multiple purposes. The useful part of Akarkara is its root. Akarkara is tooth painkiller and used for treating a variety of diseases.



Brahmi literally means that which improve intelligence. This is a popular herb which enhances memory and boost learning by fighting free radicles.



Chamomile or camomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae and it is referred to as Babune ka phal in Hindi. There are many species of Chamomile but Matricaria chamomile and German chamomile are mostly used species. It is also called water of Youth.


9. Isabgol:

Psyllium is commonly known as Isbgol or Ispaghulla in India and Pakistan It balances the three senses Vata Pitta and Kapha. It is traditional medicine used in Ayurveda for treating constipation and skin irritation mainly.


10. Geranium:

Geranium commonly known as cranesbills is a genus of 422 species of flowering annual biennial or perennial plants. Geranium is used by Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin. Geranium oil is used to treat acne reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones. this is used in perfumes aromatherapy and cosmetics.



Gudmar commonly called Gymnema has been used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda. Gudmar means Sugar destroyer, popularly known as ‘the insulin plant’, is found in dry deciduous forests in India, Australia, and Africa. It has been used for reducing blood sugar level, weight loss, treatment of jaundice and to avoid constipation and in many more diseases.



Fenugreek is an annual plant in the family Fabaceae. Fenugreek leaves are rich in bitterness and loaded with lots of medicinal properties. Fenugreek provides amazing health benefits to the body like fat reduction, prevents heart disease, controls blood sugar level and help in digestion and many more.



Botanical name of Kalmegh is Andrographis Paniculata. Herbs leaves and roots are used in many traditional medicines. It promotes digestion. Kalmegh protects the liver and gallbladder kills intestinal worms and supports intestine. Kalmegh is anti-acne, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, and expectorant.



Peppermint is hybrid species between watermint and spearmint. The Latin name of peppermint is Mentha x Piperita. The main active ingredient in peppermint is menthol which produces a cooling sensation when applied to the mouth and skin. This natural energizer reduces hunger cravings. Peppermint is a popular remedy for a cough and cold symptoms and reduces inflammation of mouth and throat.


15.Bergamot Mint:

Bergamot is a plant that produces a type of citrus fruits and has a fresh citrus aroma with subtle minty undertones. Its scientific name is citrus Bergamia. It is a perennial flowering plant in the mint family Lamiaceae. Bergamot Mint has a light citrusy, fruity aroma with a hint of mint and is reminiscent of Lavender. This refreshing aroma can provide emotional support, calm the mind, and help renew the spirit.

%Bergamot mint
Bergamot mint


Vach is a perennial semi-aquatic herb. Its common name is Vach and English name is sweet flag and calamus  With a strong aroma, this herb has rhizomes which resemble closely to ginger. Rhizome creeping much branched aromatic light brown or pinkish brown outside and white spongy outside. Leaves of Vach herbal plant are ensiform and distichous. Flowers are small, green, bisexual in sessile spadix. Its perianth is of six orbicular segments. Berries are green angular and few seeded. Plants with strong aroma considered to be of good quality. Rhizome contains 2-4% of volatile oil containing asarone(82%). It is one of best herb till date for mental problems. Rhizome is used as a bitter carminative stomachic nervine tonic, tranquilizer and used in bronchial asthma.


17.Khas (Vetiver):

Khas is perennial Rhizomatous grass with erect culms.This herbal plant common name is Khas and English name is Vetiver. Its English name is Vetiver and the scientific name is Chrysopogon Zizanioides. Vetiver is large tufted bunchgrass and can reach up to 1.5 meters in height. The thin leaves and stem are erect. Ther herbal plant bears small brown-purple flowers in long spikes. The fragrant root grows downward in the soil and can attain the depth of 3 meters and ( 10 feet)

%khas (vetiver)
Khas (vetiver)

18. Hill mint:

The common name is Pudina or Pahari Pudina and the English name is Hill mint. Hill mint is glabrous perennial herb with creeping rhizome. This plant has a strong odor and goes to a height of the 1-2 foot. Flowers are lilac in loose cylindrical slender interrupted spikes. Its leaves are the major part which is used and the main constituent. This is used for flavoring chew gum, confectionery toothpaste, and pharmaceutical preparations.

Hill mint

19. Evening Primrose:

Evening primrose is a small plant having dainty yellow flowers during summer and spring season. Its scientific name is Oenothera Biennis. Evening primrose oil is from the seed of evening primrose plant. This oil is used for the skin disorders such as Eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

%Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose

20. Quinghaosu (mean from the green herb):

The common name of this herbal plant is Qinghaosu and the English name is sweet wormwood. This is a Chinese herbal plant used from 2000 years to treat malaria.this is annual erect plant up to 2 meters long. Leaves are 2-3 pinnatisect or decompound, serrate or lobulated. One important constituent of the plant is sesquiterpene lactone artemisinin. The compound artemisinin found to be effective in the treatment of chloroquine-resistant malaria and cerebral malaria.


21. Sweet Basil:

Sweet basil scientific name is Ocimum basilicum. Sweet basil is probably is the most common varieties of basil very popular in pestos, salads, and marinades. sweet basil color is medium green and rounded cup-shaped leaves. Its taste is sweet, floral and delicate, with slightly minty notes, anise-like aroma, and clove-like undertones.

%meethi basil
Meethi Tulsi or sweet basil

22. Rosha ghas:

Its scientific name is Cymbopogon martinii. It is well known by name Palmarosa grass (palm rose) as it smells sweet and like rose. Other common names include ginger grass, Rosha grass, Rosha ghas and Indian geranium. Palmarosa grass is an erect grass up to 2 m long. The leaf sheath is glabrous and leaf blade is 50cm long and cordate at the base. Aerial parts are used which are the source of essential oils. The oil is a source of high-grade geraniol oil which is used in cosmetics, perfumery and flavoring industry.

Rosha ghas

25. Menthol Mint:

Common name and the English name is same for this herbal plantJapaneseanese mint or menthol mint. A perennial creeping ascending herb propagated by its suckers. Its leaves are lanceolate-oblong sharply toothed. seeds are minute and smooth. Aerial shoots mainly used which are a source of essential oils. Menthol is generally used in flavoring toothpaste, candies mouthwashes chewing gum, beverages, confectioneries and also in cosmetic preparation. Menthol mint is also used in pain balms, analgesic cremes, and cough syrups.

%Menthol mint
Menthol mint

26. Garlic ( lehsun) :

Garlic is a species of onion genus, Allum. Its scientific name is Allium sativum. Garlic is a strong smelling pungent tasting herb. Mankind recognized qualities of this magical herb over 3000 years ago. This magical herb provides innumerable health benefits which include combating cold and cough, lowering blood pressure, preventing Alzheimer, and fighting heart ailments. It boosts digestion and immune system, regulates blood sugar, relieves ear aches and prevents wounds.

Garlic (lehrun)

23. Milk thistle:

The common name of this herbal plant is Chund and the English name is St Mary thistle or holy thistle. Milk thistle is a flowering herb related to ragweed and daisy family. Its leaves are up to 30 cm long. seeds contain a number of flavonolignans silybin and silymarin. Silymarin is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Milk thistle is naturally used in the treatment of liver problems like cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and gallbladder disorders.

%Milk thistle
Milk thistle

24. Sadabahar:

The common name of this herb is Sadabahar Sadaphul or Sadasuhagan and the English name is Tropical periwinkle. It is perennial herb much-branched 70-80 cm high. The leaves are elliptic to obovate, rounded retuse or mucronulate at the apex and acute at the base. flowers are white to dark pink with a darker red center. Leaves, flowers, and roots are its main constituents. The leaves and stem are a source of alkaloids that have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. The leaves are used to control diabetes and high blood pressure. This herb is used for the treatment of Hodgkin’s disease., lymphosarcoma, choriocarcinoma, neuroblastoma, and carcinoma of the breast lungs and tests also used against leukemia. The alkaloid ajmalicine from the root is used as a hypotensive and antiarrhythmic agent


25. Spearmint:

Its English name is Indian ginseng and winter cherry. the name spear mint derived from pointed leaf tips. It is a perennial herb with leaves lanceolate and sharply serrate. The stem is square shaped which is a trademark of the mint family of herbs. Spearmint produces flowers in slender spikes and each flower in pink or white. It is used in the flavoring of toothpaste and confectionery sometimes added to shampoos and soaps.


26. Sarpagandha:

Sarpagandha is also known as Rauvolfia Serpentina or Indian snakeroot. Devil pepper is the common English name of the plant. Sarpagandha is evergreen perennial erect undershrub that grows up to a height of 60cm. Sarpagandha is flowering plant native to the Indian subcontinent and Asia. The plant is now considered an endangered species. Root is the main part which is used all medicines for treating all disorders. This herb is used in treating chronic fever, worm infestations, infections, insomnia and many other disorders. root is known for its sleep-inducing properties which calms the mind relieves stress and anxiety.


27. Guggul:

Guggul scientific name is Commiphora Wightii and the common name is Indian bdellium-tree, Gugal, Guggul or Mukul myrrh tree. Guggul is made from sap (gum resin) of the Commiphora Mukul tree which is native to India. Guggul gum resin is used nowadays for arthritis, lowering high cholesterol, hardening of arteries, acne and other skin diseases and weight loss. This tree has been used in ayurvedic medicines for centuries.


28. Lemon Grass:

Cymbopogon is better known as lemongrass and Nimbu ghas. The English name is Malabar Grass or East Indian lemongrass. It is utilized for its distinct lemon flavor and citrusy aroma. This herb is an erect grass up to 3 m long, It is a coarse tufted plant with linear leaves acuminate, glaucous. Aerial parts of this plant are used. Lemongrass offers an array of medical and health benefits and it is extensively in demand due to its anti-bacterial anti-fungal anti-microbial properties. Oil of the plant is used in scenting detergents washing soap and other home products.

%Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass

29. Wild Marigold:

Its scientific name is Tagetes  Minuta, and other names include Stinking Roger, wild marigold, Khakibos, muster john henry, black mint. The species of marigold grow to become 0.6 to 2 meters tall. Leaves opposite or alternate both types of the same plant odd-pinnate 5-15 cm long leaflets usually 13-17 linear-lanceolate sharply serrate. The whole plant is used for beauty and health benefits. Herbal tea can be made from the leaves. an extraction from the herb Marigold oil is used in the perfume tobacco and soft drink, pharmaceutical and agricultural industry. the whole plant is hydrodistilled for its essential oil.

Wild Marigold

30. Jawa Ghas (Citronella):

The common name of this herb is Java Ghas and the English name is citronella grass or citronella java. this herb is tall tufted grass up to 2.5 m high, leaf-sheath glabrous, yellowish green, basal sheath glabrous, green-reddish up to 1m long, linear, acuminate, Spathate panicle up to 1m long with several racemes in a zigzag axis. Citronella oil used mostly in perfumery soap flakes detergents household cleaners insecticides and in technical products.

%jawa ghas
citronella Jawa Ghas

31.Bhumy Amalaki:

The common name of Bhumi Amalaki are Bhumyamalaki, tamalaki, and Hazardana and the English is Phyllanthus. It is an erect annual shrub which is of 1m height. The whole plant is used in preparing medicines for different disorders. This herb is bitter in taste and possesses astringent, deobstruent, stomachic, diuretic, febrifuge and antiseptic properties. This herb is used in a number of diseases such as cold and cough, skin disorders, conjunctivitis, blepharitis.


Patchouli scientific name is Pogostemon cablin is a species of plant in the family Lamiaceae. the plant grows as a bushy herb with erect stems reaching around 75cm in height and bears small pale pink-white flowers. Major constituents of the plant are Patchouli alcohol, pathoulene, caryophyllene, bulnesene, and elemene. Its oil is used in modern perfumey and cosmetic industries. It is also used to flavor food products, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, frozen foods, candies, dairy foods etc.


The common name of this herb is Shatavari, satamuli, satavali and the English name is Asparagus. Major constituents of this herb are several steroidal glycosides satavarin-I IV: sarsapogenin and kaempferol from the woody portion of the root and an alkaloid, asparagine from the roots has been also isolated. Shatavari has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to support reproductive system. It supports reproductive system, immune system, digestive tract and promotes healthy energy level and strength

In recent years herbs have found a worldwide acceptance. This is because they are easy to use with no side effects and essentially an asset that put our body in harmony with nature. If we Indians wants to boosts immunity, prevent diseases and want health and beauty then we all should understand this treasure of nature, love and use them and protect this property of nature

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